Front Doors

Consumer Front Doors Information

Important Front Door Terms

  • Lintel – the horizontal beam in a doorframe that helps support the weight of the wall.
  • Jambs – vertical parts of a doorframe that have the hinges attached on one side and locks and doorknobs on the other.
  • Sill – the bottom of the doorframe, also called the threshold.
  • Hollow Core – a simple type of door that is only made of planks of plywood and has thin cardboard insulation inside; commonly used for interior doors.
  • Batten – a reinforcing piece of wood or metal inside a door that runs horizontally and adds sturdiness to a door.
  • Lock-Block – an interior batten that is at the level of the doorknob and lock; makes breaking down a door more difficult.
  • Glazing – the process of applying Low-E coating on the windows on doors to increase insulation and prevent heat loss in cold temperatures.
  • Weather Stripping – rubber strip attached to the bottom of a front door that blocks cold air from entering underneath an otherwise well-insulated home.
  • Storm Door – a thinner, less insulated door that goes outside a front door and adds insulation in the winter and ventilation and sunlight in the summer.