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Front Door Parts and Construction

Panel doors are the most common type of front door, whether they are made from wood, fiberglass, or any other material. Thy might look simple enough, but there are many different parts to them that contribute to their overall strength and durability. Here are the parts that comprise panel front doors.


These are vertical boards that make up the sides of the door as well as the right and left of the front and back of the door. Essentially, they are the pieces of wood (or other material) that run up and down. The stile that has the hinges attached to it is called the hinge stile, and the nearest the doorknob is called the lock stile.


The parts of the door that run horizontally are called rails. There are generally three rails: the top rail, the bottom rail, and the lock rail. They lock rail is the one which has the locking mechanism attached to it, whether it is a doorknob, a chain or a deadbolt.


Mullions refer to smaller vertical pieces that run down the middle of the door. They are very similar to rails, but because they are not on the edges of the door they have a different name.


These are any horizontal boards on the interior of the door that provide greater support and security. There can be as few as one (generally located on the same level as the lock rail) or as many as five.


These are the spaces between the rails, stiles and mullions. They are usually recessed, and most doors have four or six. They represent the easiest way to change the look of your door, since you can choose what color they will be, what shape they will take, and what size they are.