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Common Front Door Construction Materials


This is a very attractive option for a front door. Wood can be painted in a number of different colors, or it can be left with a natural by staining it with any number of different shades. Wood requires more maintenance, as you will probably have to refinish your door every year or so. Most wooden front doors are made from a hardwood such as mahogany, hickory, oak or maple.

You can have a door made from a softer wood, but it will have to be painted and finished very thoroughly to prevent warping or cracking. Wood is an excellent insulator, but it is susceptible to weather damage than other materials. Wood is generally the most expensive type of door.


Most doors made from metal are steel doors. Steel itself is not the best insulator, but generally polyurethane foam or another insulator is put inside the door. Many steel doors are available with a wood grain or other pattern baked onto the outside to create a more appealing door. Steel can be painted a number of different colors and will require painting every few years. However, you can have wood or vinyl cladding to improve the exterior of steel doors. The wood or vinyl will then require painting or staining.